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The membership for Christian women ready to get messy, allow God into their lives, and embark on an adventure.

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God is calling you.

Are you going to answer?

Those soul stirrings aren’t your imagination. They’re your Maker telling you it’s time for an adventure.

Soul stirrings? What are those?

You know those feelings we’re talking about. There’s something inside you that wants to run out and dance in the rain, to jump in a crystal clear river in the middle of the woods, to know God more fully, to feel His presence more, to really LIVE.

It’s the kind of feeling that makes you want to jump into battle and fight for a cause you truly believe in.

But you’re holding back. You’re not accepting the invitation.

It's time to say yes to God, yes to adventure with Him, and yes to living a full, free life.

The Free Spirit Collective is here to help you do just that.

It’s time to break free.

It’s time to accept that holy invitation for adventure.

It’s time to fall deeply in love with God and dance in His freedom.

And the Free Spirit Collective is here to support you on your journey.

What is the Free Spirit Collective?

The Free Spirit Collective is a monthly membership for Christian women intent on grounding themselves in God, deepening their relationship with Him, and tuning their hearts to His Words.

As a member of the Collective, you’ll receive access to new resources each month like workbooks, journal prompts, devotionals, and more to help you examine your relationship with God and how your faith plays out in your life.

You’ll also discover how to grow your faith in the way that feels most natural for you. (There’s no one-size-fits-all here.) And you’ll be able to discern the adventure that God has prepared for you.

What’s included in the membership?

Each month the Free Spirit Collective will focus on a specific topic, and the resources will expand on that topic to help you really dig deep and apply what you learn to your own life, all for just $99 - $199/month.

When you join the Collective, you’ll receive

  • Monthly resources to help you explore the topic of the month. These resources can include workbooks, journal prompts, meditations, and Bible readings.
  • Weekly devotionals focused on that month’s topic.
  • Bonus private Facebook group.
  • Monthly Facebook live Q+A call.
  • Monthly Facebook live trainings.
  • Action Steps for each month’s content.
  • Two tiers, a basic membership or a mentorship option.

Let’s dive deeper and explore what that means for you.


The monthly topics help keep the membership focused and cover specific areas of faith and living as a Christian woman. The monthly topics for February through April are:

February - Get Grounded. We’ll focus on assessing your faith foundation and what you need to do to really ground yourself in God.

March - Releasing Your Fear. We’ll focus on identifying your big fears and how they affect your life. Then we’ll work through how you can release everything to God and finally enjoy His freedom.

April - Short-Circuiting Your Habits. We’ll focus on identifying the spiritual habits you want to change or the habits you want to start and how you can use existing habits to help with that.


Do you like homework? (Or as we call it around here…Adultwork - See it’s more fun than homework because you’re not graded. And there are no right or wrong answers.)

If you like Adultwork, you’re in the right place. The Free Spirit Collective will provide you with fresh resources (workbooks, journal prompts, etc.) each month to help you explore your life, your faith, and your areas for growth.

We encourage deep and thoughtful reflection, because it’s helpful for both personal and spiritual growth. Plus, when we learn more about ourselves, we’re able to work with our natural tendencies rather than against them.


As a Free Spirit, you’ll get a new devotional each week to keep you focused on the month’s topic and how it applies to your life. Your weekly devotional is a time for you to relax, slow down, and really think about where in your life God is showing up and what He wants you to know.

Each devotional comes with a reflection moment to get you thinking (and journaling).


When you become a Free Spirit Collective member, you’ll receive access to our private Facebook group. This group is a safe, supportive place to ask questions, reach out to fellow members, and connect.

This is where the social aspect of the Collective comes into play, because as important as solo reflection time is, fellowship time is just as important. The Facebook group will have daily prompts to encourage you to think, connect, and engage with other members.

We’ll have discussion threads, prayer threads, and support threads to get the conversation started. If you’re feeling excited, overwhelmed, lonely, or scared, hop into the Facebook group and let us know! We’ll be there for you either to support you or to celebrate with you.


Got a question? Need some advice? Each month, Ardelia will take questions from Free Spirit Collective members and answer them on a Facebook Live broadcast in the group.

Tune in live to chat with her, or catch the replay to hear her answer your question. This is a great resource if you need some personalized support or guidance.


Each month, Ardelia will host a Facebook live training around the topic of the month. These trainings will be practical and action-oriented (because that’s how Ardelia is).

February’s trainings will cover how and why you need to get grounded in God. Ardelia will break down different ways you can revisit your faith foundation, and you can pick the method - or methods - that resonate with you.

The training is a great way to get more hands-on ideas for growing your faith.


Worried that you won’t use all the resources each month? Stressed about which order to use them in? (Answer: There is no right or wrong, but we understand the need for guidance.)

The monthly Action Steps will provide a checklist of all of the resources in the Collective for the month, listed in the order of suggested use. That way you can work through the list at your own pace and be sure you got to all the resources for the month.


Choosing the Mentorship Plan means that you'll receive individualized support from Ardelia. You'll have one 60-minute call with her each month as well as Voxer access to her. (Don't know what Voxer is? It's a text and voice messaging app that enables you to reach out to Ardelia whenever and wherever you need support.)

This kind of 1:1 support is great for women who want to grow quickly or who know they'll need some extra support and guidance on their adventure. You can talk about life, faith, or business with Ardelia. She's there to support you as you grow, personally and spiritually.

You can send your monthly journalings and workbooks to Ardelia so you can get extra feedback on your answers and get help creating (and sticking to) a routine that will help you grow your faith. The fact of the matter is that there will always be bumps on your adventure. The Mentorship Plan enables you to talk those bumps out (and sometimes pray them out) with a woman who understands what you're going through and who wants to see you truly succeed and find your God-led adventure.

It’s time to revel in God’s freedom and become the woman He wants you to be.

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How does the membership work?

If you’re ready to become a Free Spirit, just click the button above. As soon as you register and pay your first month’s installment, you’ll receive immediate access to the resources.

As soon as you request to join the bonus private Facebook group, you’ll be added there, and you’ll be able to meet your fellow Free Spirits.

To maintain your basic membership, you’ll be automatically billed $99 every month. To maintain your Mentorship Plan, you'll be automatically billed $199 every month. If you decide that the Free Spirit Collective isn’t the right place for you, you’re free to cancel at any time. There aren’t any long-term commitments or surprise fees you need to worry about.

Is the Free Spirit Collective right for me?

Maybe. Let’s drill down and find out.

The Free Spirit Collective might be a good fit for you if

  • You’re a Christian woman.
  • You’re not afraid of doing some introspective work and learning more about yourself.
  • You’re ready to allow God into EVERY part of your life.
  • You’re ready for an adventure (there might not be daring action involved, but there WILL be growth opportunities).
  • You’re ready to grow, personally and spiritually.
  • You’re ready to experience a deeper relationship with God.

The Free Spirit Collective might NOT be a good fit for you if

  • You’re not a Christian woman (while you can join as a non-believer, this is primarily geared towards supporting Christian women as they strengthen their faith).
  • You’re unwilling to take the time - or make the time - to do the introspective work and really go through the monthly resources.
  • You want to contain God and keep Him out of certain parts of your life.
  • You don’t want things in your life to change (because once you open up to God, things WILL change).
  • You’re not ready or willing to grow.

Those soul stirrings aren’t your imagination.

It’s time to answer them.

Join the Free Spirit Collective now.

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Your Instructor

Ardelia Lee
Ardelia Lee

Ardelia Lee is the Chief Free Spirit at Featherwild, an online community for Christian women who are ready to get messy, ground themselves in God, and thrive in their God-given freedom.

Ardelia is passionate about helping women find their own God-given adventure, whatever that looks like - raising 4 rambunctious little ones, becoming a corporate CEO, becoming a missionary, or sharing the Gospel at work. She believes that whenever we allow God to come into our lives fully, we finally set ourselves free and begin to experience an adventure all our own.

Think of her as your traveling buddy and official snack packer for your journey (you have to have some snacks on an adventure). When she's not packing snacks for her community, Ardelia enjoys spending time with her family, dreaming about the future, reading, and deepening her own relationship with God. And she's never met a Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, or Star Wars reference she couldn't use in daily conversation.


Can I join the Collective if I’m not Christian?

Yes, but if you're not open to learning more about Christ and having a relationship with Him, then you're just wasting your money.

How much is the membership?

A basic membership in the Free Spirit Collective is $99/month, billed automatically. So you don't have to worry about renewing your membership each month.

If you want some extra support and choose the Mentorship Plan, you'll be billed $199/month. You're able to downgrade your Mentorship Plan to a Basic Membership at any time.

What format will the resources be in?

Many of the resources will be in PDF format. You'll be able to download them and either print them out and write on them or fill them out from your computer. Some of the resources will be hosted here on Teachable and won't be downloadable.

The videos will be hosted in the Free Spirit Collective Facebook group, but there will be links to them in the membership area.

Where are the resources for the Free Spirit Collective hosted?

The resources for the Collective are right here on Teachable.

The way things will be split is resources (including the guest expert videos and Facebook live Q+As) will be accessible through Teachable. The support + group dynamics will be available in the Free Spirit Collective Facebook group.

Will I really use all the resources in the Free Spirit Collective?

I certainly hope so! But if you need a little help making sure you keep track of what you need to look at/work on each month, you’ll have a Monthly Action Steps checklist to follow. The checklist will walk you through each resource in the order you should use it.

Remember, though, this membership only works if you do. If you don’t log into your Teachable account and go through the materials, you likely won’t see any returns on your investment.

What kind of cancellation policy do you have?

You’re free to cancel your membership in the Free Spirit Collective at any time. However, once you cancel your subscription, you won’t have access to the materials. We do offer a 30-day money back guarantee, however.

What if I’m dissatisfied with my time in the Collective?

I certainly hope that you’d get in touch with me and let me know so we can work out a solution. However, if you decide that the Free Spirit Collective isn’t for you, you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Get started now!